07 June 2010

Sonnet Five

Playing the music when it's night or day,
Whether cold and gloomy or in the sunshine.
Stepping close, embracing each other to sway,
Moving forward and backward, keeping time
In a crowded hall fill'd with revellers,
Ignoring pulse pounding beats that shake walls.
Effortless, they glide to soulful singers;
Romantic couples twirling through a waltz.
Some nights are truly for mad gyrations;
Cares of the day releas'd and forgotten,
Shed, cast away to unbridled motion.
Out of breath, spent, with music turn'd low, then,
Eyes only for each other, never straying,
Dancing in dreams like no one is watching.


  1. you've captured music & dance well in your sonnet. dancing is great fun and wonderful exercise. hope all is well. have a great weekend.

  2. You have expressed it so nicely, enjoyed it!