09 February 2011

Fun Limericks

While checking out the other Monday Poetry Train participants this week, I came across Mad Kane's Humor Blog.  I'll be exploring more at this place.  On Monday she had Limericks, and she invited her readers to write one in comments using the first line of hers.

You can check out Mad Kane's Limerick here, and see what her readers wrote.  I'm not really much of a Limerick guy, but here's my offering.

A man who reported the news
His producer's direction refused.
"Suit and tie must I wear,
But for comfort down there,
Feets can only take ratty old shoes!"

Not great, but not too bad.  I know Limericks are generally risque, but sometimes it's enough to get the rhythm and cadence. 

08 February 2011

Monday Poetry Train

Kitties, puppies, bunnies is my mantra
When the big bad scaries infuse my dreams
With lavender and orange dahlias,
Twisting sweetness to malign travesty.
Morose is the hand that guides freakish tour,
Pointing the way toward spectral vastness,
And beings heard but unseen behind doors...
The ghoulish threat of mayhem and madness.
Engulf'd now in this panick'd mind's prison,
To become this corner'd lonely buffoon.
How came I to bend thought to these visions?
Just that one glance did I take at gray moon.
How came I to this persistent prowling?
Can no one cure me of this mad howling?

Copyright 2011

04 November 2010

Dona Nobis Pacem

A Peace Sonnet

An evolution builds within my soul,
Seeking a spirit of oneness and peace,
Cultivating a clearly defin'd role
For myself in this world; not to appease,
No, nor to bind only to my ideal.
Days fill'd with moments we live then consign
To memory, to share or to conceal,
Lost to recall or polish'd to a shine
So bright it cannot fade; these all become
The light of who we are, one but still part
Of all, more alike in essence than some
Accept, though true in body, mind, and heart.
Diversity need not be divisive,
Nor need it be fear'd, if in peace we live.

03 August 2010

Poetry Train not quite Monday

I didn't have this poem on Monday.  It came to me on Tuesday and I'm posting it on Wednesday.  I hope that's not too much of a stretch and that it will still get me a ticket on the Poetry Train.

Will You

Will you laugh with me in the early mist,
When the glow of dawn is only a hint?
Will you freshen my lips with your sweet kiss
That tastes of green tea and peppermint?

Will you wander a winding path with me,
When the sun is high and days are long?
Will you hold my hand, but not too tightly,
Fingers entwined, meshed palm to palm?

Will you mingle your life with mine
In the afterglow of the setting sun?
Will you speak idly with me in the moonshine,
As my soul and yours knit into one?

Will you dance with me in peace
Through the twilight of our lives?
Will you feel heart's tender release
In the symphony of all our nights?

Copyright 2010

19 July 2010

Poetry Train Monday

I've decided to ride the Poetry Train finally.

It's been a month since I had something worth posting here.  I'd prefer to post more poetry more often, but I'm not forcing anything.

I came across the Rispetto poetry form at Short Poems by Marinela Reka.  This form is Italian in origin, consisting of two quatrains of four lines each.  The first stanza rhymes as a-b-a-b, with the second as c-c-d-d.

Here's my first attempt at Rispetto, and my first trip on the Poetry Train.

Anger makes my heart ache
With a fierce desire to redress
The petty choices that some make
To steal joy and stifle progress

Less intent am I to bait and rile
I do not wish to fight or defile
Rather I build positive foundations
Preferring life full of warmth and sun

Copyright 2010