03 August 2010

Poetry Train not quite Monday

I didn't have this poem on Monday.  It came to me on Tuesday and I'm posting it on Wednesday.  I hope that's not too much of a stretch and that it will still get me a ticket on the Poetry Train.

Will You

Will you laugh with me in the early mist,
When the glow of dawn is only a hint?
Will you freshen my lips with your sweet kiss
That tastes of green tea and peppermint?

Will you wander a winding path with me,
When the sun is high and days are long?
Will you hold my hand, but not too tightly,
Fingers entwined, meshed palm to palm?

Will you mingle your life with mine
In the afterglow of the setting sun?
Will you speak idly with me in the moonshine,
As my soul and yours knit into one?

Will you dance with me in peace
Through the twilight of our lives?
Will you feel heart's tender release
In the symphony of all our nights?

Copyright 2010


  1. this is incredible. such a beautiful rendition of a couple in love- their lives growing together. hope all is well. have a great day.

  2. Love this Travis...it is just beautiful!

  3. I will...I will...

    OH sorry, got caught up in the moment and now realize this was for Pam!

    Seriously..you hit a grand slam with this one my friend

  4. Excellent. Very heartfelt. I bet I know someone who particularly loves this one.

  5. This is just beautiful and should most definitely get your ticket stamped and then some! I bet I know who you were thinking of when you penned this one and I bet she loves it!

  6. My hat is off to you my friend,your are one talented dude.

  7. Love this one Travis, really nicely done :)

  8. YES!
    Pam is a lucky lass :)