20 May 2010


One of my favorite seasonal transitions in the pacific northwest is the one from spring to summer.  When I lived in southern California, spring was so short.  We started talking about summer well before the solstice.
But here in the northwest, a spring day might start with gray and drizzly skies before giving way to high puffy clouds in the afternoon.  It's a time to enjoy and live in the moment. 

Here are a few quick Hiaku to describe what I see.

BOOM ranted thunder
Light'ning sizzled in reply
Spring conversations

Wind lashes the limbs
Tree leans precipitously
Resisting time's ebb

Green...a simple word
Yet does it encompass all
My window reveals

Frolicsome squirrel
Bushy tail'd cheeky rascal
Sunning on a stump

Fluffy, big, and bold
Rhododendron bush blossoms
I love large flowers


  1. I like it, The thoughts are fresh and creative :)

  2. Oh my God, Travis - these rock! The first one with its 'Spring conversations' is my favorite.

  3. i like the first, third and fourth haiku best. very nice writing. hope all is well.

  4. I like it!!! I live in Oregon..

  5. Great haikus.

    "Wind lashes the limbs
    Tree leans precipitously
    Resisting time's ebb"

    is just WOW. Loved it. :)

  6. I like the green one and the first the best. :-)