12 May 2010


I can't make you stay
Would hardly blame you if you went
I'm safe and I'm here
And I will always be for you
No matter how far you run
Or how long you spend away
I can be set aside
I hate it but I will endure

I can't make you come back
Would hardly expect you at my door
Shocked as hell when I got your message
Even shed a tear
I'm your life line as you flounder
I will come when you call
No questions for the time unmeasured
You chose to be away

I can't ask you to go
Can hardly stand it now you're here
I've loved you and still do
Even as I realize we are finished
I am now more than I was
I can exist on my own merits
No longer requiring your need of me
And tired of it
I want to go on
Though I'm trapped by you as before 

Copyright 1995

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