12 May 2010

Fear and Folly

Alone I with myself and doors locked tight
So that none can invade this passionate self
Words only for me to color this page
Warning of great harm captured by stroke of pen
This calamity a gift of the paranoia in my soul

Foolish to don this mask and turn my face
From all the world's prying indiscreet eye
Holding my secrets from those who seek
Revealing fractions only to those unwilling to know
This special drape sewn with costumed intensity

Daunting the grand door to the feebleness of pride
Not to accept passage from this mere being
Limited to the most base future of a single fate
The bottom step of a great stair leading nowhere I can see
Climbing with eyes closed and blinded mind

Folly recognized and scorned by even the youngest child
To know so little of truth not to acknowledge the lie
Naked before all light yet refusing its warmth
Frightened to small vision and cast from the whole
Accepting ever the cruel love of four blank walls

Copyright 1994

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