08 May 2010

Sun So Grand

More is made of less than any sane man can count.
Nothing is done by fretting so what's the worry about?
A dog will agonize over the best site to bury a bone.
Yet take heed of the cat with sense to leave well enough alone.

I have been unaware for the best parts of my life.
Turning over bits and scraps has caused naught but strife.
I thought waiting and not forcing was often the better course.
It can often be easiest to stay thrown than to remount the horse.

I'd like to meet the one who is hoarding all the answers,
Although it may be wisest to discover my questions first.
I could jump right in and get my whole self wet.
Adherence to logical progression has oft been my detriment.

In the beginning there may have been a word, long since forgotten
In the interest of advancing to the peak of the richest mountain.
Eternal youth the new vanity though wasted on us all.
Young or old we catch only the most significant balls.

It is said that a truer thing was never spoken.
I wonder where that ring of truth was first broken.
Difference is the key and point of all this trial,
Though most turn tail at the end of the longest mile.

What has to be done is to sort through the murk
And not pause for the things that are never going to work.
Embrace the active thought and pay heed to what may emerge.
The pieces are more coherent when what won't fit gets purged.

And so I go on my way to a more evenly designed me,
One who is less awkward and better able to see
What's out in front and leave the past where it belongs.
To carry excess baggage interferes with my songs.

If there were no night, would things still go bump?
If there were no fear, would you still feel that lump?
In a day filled with choices, how to know where to stand?
Face toward the warmth and see the sun so grand.

Copyright 1991

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