08 May 2010

Far Side of the Door

Many times I stare at the ground
and wish it would swallow me whole.
Not an hour passes that I don't question
the use of setting new goals.
Yet as each day dawns, I awake
to don fresh clothes.
I live for the brief moments,
and the precious smiles I forever hold.

Above the trees stretches more than a sky;
it is there that I reach for my hope.
On the wings of jays wafts a gentle breeze;
such fragrant air to help me cope.
This life have I led, sometimes in love,
most often with hands tangled in tight rope.
Still, I work and I watch and I time the hours,
keeping my pace at a steady lope.

To long for the things we lack
is a symbol of ambition and not greed.
To remain lax in the effort to achieve greatness
denies most specific need.
The errant forays of youth often belie
lofty potential and prevent the deed.
Press on and listen openly to loud desire;
be ready to demand and refuse to plead.

Offer no excuses,
especially to yourself.
Question every aspect;
let no dream rest upon its shelf.
When your chance comes,
grasp it firmly and mark it well.
Seek the far side of the door,
burst it and with mighty voice yell.

Copyright 1991

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