10 May 2010

A Volunteer Speaks

When in doubt, ask.
When the mood strikes, scream.
What meaning has bravery
To a frightened child's dream.

A star breathes cold fire.
Moon beams pale and dim.
Walk alone to a black beach
Where icons may swim.

Mustard is yellow,
But mayo is white.
An ambiguous yet useful
Observation of life.

Catch as catch can.
Against scattered thoughts defend.
Mock only fruitless bounty
While false angels tear and rend.

Be quick or be gone
To a hollow secret isle
On a boat cresting peaks
At the turn of nautical miles.

Truer than ten thousand lies
Untold yet forgotten.
Tangled skeins of straw-colored love,
Softly broken.

No pain, no illusion,
No greed or wanton lusts.
No joy, no dreams,
No acceptance of simple trust.

Winter comes and winter stays,
Building frosty towers.
It chokes and it binds,
Seeks to whither eternal flowers.

Children cry, children beg,
Children do not understand.
They laugh, they accept,
And reach toward your hands.

Necessity is as the tide,
Swept away yet sure to return.
Nothing is and nothing can be
Through glass darkly burned.

Yet come with me
To a place of wonder,
Where all things are bathed
In magical splendor.

Where I will teach
Of happiness and of joy,
Where all heats sing
Like children with shiny toys.

Do so, and I will fill it
With tales of great moment,
Basking in freedom to defeat
Most determined malcontent.

Bond with a fragrance so soft,
So true.
In every heart lies the way,
Even in you.

Breathe it, live it,
And make of your life a noble thing.
Roll down a grass covered hill
And rejoice in the spring.

Age is timeless,
Granted the young through trial and tears.
Yet the eld ones respect time,
As they age only in years.

Copyright 1993

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