12 May 2010


I don't know myself sometimes.
I breathe in and out as I must,
Seeming alive, moving as a man does.
Yet where am I going? 

I can't find myself sometimes.
I think and speak to others as I must,
Seeming noteworthy, answering as a man should.
Yet what do I know?

I've seen myself sometimes,
Taking charge and doing what I must,
Seeming brave, standing up as a man will.
Yet why do I fear?

I am not myself sometimes.
I behave outrageously as I must,
Seeming strong, acting my part as a man may.
Yet am I a fool?

I feel the sun on my face sometimes.
I let it cleanse my soul as I must,
Seeming content, becoming free as a man is,

Copyright 2006

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