10 May 2010

No I Do Not Hear No

Do you say no to me?
By what right and who's authority?
Neither father nor mother are you to me.
How dare you say no to me?
I am free to go and to choose;
Free of shackles and ready to cut loose
The bonds that seek to bind and confuse.
No is a concept without meaning or use.
Are you by chance afraid of me?
Do you envy my pride and my sanity?
I have no time for such vanity
As I strive toward my destiny.
Away with such pettiness and trouble me no more.
Make way for me now as I push to the fore.
From a shy sparrow to eagle's height I soar;
Knowing the truth fills me with strength to my core.
Yes I can accept and yes I will dare
To move forward, fully capable and aware
Of the freshness and brightness that flows in the air.
I am consumed by the fire of wonder, unquenched by despair.

Now do you see why I do not hear no?
Take your fears and your doubts and go
Back to your halls and your dark places of woe.
I will not listen to you when you say no.

Copyright 1992

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