09 May 2010

A New Day

Sometimes when I think, the sky turns bright.
Confusion fades, and an end is put to a long night.
Other times when I think I can only scream,
I say the hell with it and just have ice cream.
Ice cream is cold and chills the jumble inside,
Until emotions are flushed with the outgoing tide.
No longer drowning and able to float free,
I bask in the glory of an unexplored sea.
The sea of my mind is a fertile place,
Full of whispers and songs to keep me ahead of the pace.
When I let it, it serves me well.
Oft I miss a connection and tilt toward hell.
But hell is only for those who refuse to try.
I am not such as these, though at times I cry.
I go forward with patience, letting my mind lead the way,
Listening to what's inside, and creating my own new day. 

Copyright 1991

1 comment:

  1. I always enjoy your poetry, Trav! I'm so glad you've created a blog for it!