13 May 2010


In the restless quiet of twilight
When cold silence eerily lingers
Keeping day entwined with night
Her footsteps echo, dire and familiar

A determined border of feral mist
Invests the precious moments before dawn
No yield in the dismal barrier that exists
Between time borrowed and love withdrawn

Uneasy and full of dread, I pause to wait
An ebon stillness envelopes my soul
This luckless sorrow, ill-used by fate
Smothering the words I must always control

Clicking like the angry pincers of a fat spider
The disjointed cadence, unforgiving, reproachful
A syncopated rhythm, stepping always closer
Its demands reverberate in the hollows of my will

Harsh now, and near, this unsparing moment
Loud now, the steps, a border crossed
Dread now, the sound of that approaching torment
Turn now, to face love's promise forever lost

There is no magic left to save me from myself
To erase the bitter panic of this inevitability
Only footsteps in my mind, mocking my life
Gone again now, yet ever after haunting me

Copyright 2010

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