09 May 2010

As I Walked

As I walked, I saw a bird and grew very still;
A splendid white dove, come to share this quaint hill.

I smiled, to be touched by so gentle a taste of spring.
Then, quick as a sigh, the dove spooked and took wing.

My heart beat faster, bewitched by sudden flight,
Overwhelmed and slightly daunted, but punctured by insight.

How fleeting and precious can be the joys of love and faith,
Marred and cast aside by an admirer's softly exhaled breath.

I walked further, found a stone and rolled it.
I paced its circular journey until it bounced against a mate.

Seeing the first aside the new, my thoughts again grew bright.
One stone, added to another, row upon row, can bridge the night.

I continued my stroll, attentive but casually so,
Aware of the boundless beauty captivating my very soul.

Serene and content amidst fresh life in musical silence;
A young heart beat loudly, inviting all to rejoice in dance.

Soon flowers did I see, drinking life from a crystal pool,
And I stretched down among them, engulfed by brilliant hues;

Sweet wild flowers, poppies and jasmine, tossed by fickle breeze.
So pleasant; I forgot in my joy that spring blossoms make me sneeze.

Simple rain as I walked, to ease frantic senses;
Brief showers and welcome, soft and full of fragrances.

I paused to rest beneath a stately oak, contemplating the sky.
Raindrops spattered on leaf and limb, trickling softly in my eye.

Benign intelligence did I find as I walked,
Not tempted toward chronic need for ponderous talk.

Simple solitude the law, enforced by nature's perfect reason,
Balanced in daily wonder of Mother's ever nurturing seasons.

Copyright 1992

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